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A Nice Read for the Virtual Visitors to Museums in Rajasthan

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The Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Museum, located at City Palace in Jaipur, Rajasthan, has a great collection of armors from the rulers of the Jaipur Royal Family. Personal weapons of the rulers such as Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II, Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh II, Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh II, etc. are part of the collection. In book titled "Arms & Armour: At the Jaipur Court, the Royal Collection" written by art historian Robert Elgood provides a descriptive account of most significant exhibits available in its collection, mostly in the gallery named Sileh Khana (Armoury) at City Palace Museum. To be precise, 186 exhibits are described in ten sections with their historical and artistic connotations and significance. The author describes each exhibit with a colored photo of the item, its basic metadata, description and comment. The book is structured into ten sections based on type of the weaponry namely, (i) Daggers (ii) Katars, (iii) Swords, (iv) Children's Arms, (v) Lances, Spears and Shields, (vi) Armour, (vii) Axes, Ankus, Chhadi, and Maces, (viii) Bows and Arrows, (ix) Accoutrements, and (x) Guns and Pistols. The exhibits belong to sixteenth to nineteenth centuries, which were manufactured in different parts of India. The book also contains an informative and insightful introduction written by the author, a genealogy of the Rulers of Amber-Jaipur, and a foreword written by Princes Diya Kumari of the Museum Trust. This book is co-produced by the Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Museum Trust.


This book is a nice read for the museum lovers, virtual and real visitors to Indian museums, antiquity collectors and the art historians.

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