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A Nice Read for the Contemporary Textile Designers, Fashion Designers and Fashion Historians

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As its book title suggests "Unfolding: Contemporary Indian Textiles", written by Maggie Baxter, makes an insightful journey into the diverse Indian textile traditions with a lot of creative fusions by the contemporary textile designers – both Indians and non-Indians who made India as their second home. The book is much about reinventing beauty of the traditional textiles while making them relevant to modern lives. Obviously, many of the contemporary textile designers acquire ideas from the contemporary world and produce a new series of textiles infused with innovation and creativity. Thus, through this book we get know about revival and survival of India’s traditional textiles and their weavers who make exotic pieces of artistic works. This book also makes us knowledgeable about the Surface, Texture, Minimalism, Narrative, and Crossover of the contemporary Indian textiles. This book offers a photo-documentation style of presentation with many anecdotes and author’s professional and ethnographic observations.


A nice read for the contemporary textile designers, fashion designers and fashion historians.

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