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South East Asia

Piracy in Southeast Asia: Trends, Hot Spots and Responses

Liss, Carolin (Peace Research Institute Frankfurt, Germany)
Biggs, Ted (University of California, Santa Cruz, USA)

978 1 138 60280 9
Publication date:
28 May 2018

Southeast Asia: A Very Short Introduction

Rush, James R. (Associate Professor of History, Arizona State University)

978 0 19 024876 5
Publication date:
1 May 2018

Ambitious Alignments: New Histories in Southeast Asian Art, 1945-1990

Whiteman, Stephen H.
Scott, Phoebe
Low, Yvonne
Abdullah, Sarena

978 0 909952 92 1
Publication date:
30 April 2018

Another South Asia

Pathak, Dev Nath (Assistant Professor Department of Sociology at South Asian University New Delhi India)

978 93 86552 58 7
Publication date:
10 April 2018


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