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Indian sub-continent

Realizing the Promise: Education for All in South Asia

Beteille, Tara
Riboud, Michelle
Nomura, Shin
Tognatta, Namrata
Ghorpade, Yashodhan

978 1 4648 1327 6
Publication date:
30 December 2018

Expressive Morphology in the Languages of South Asia

Williams, Jeffrey

978 1 138 29115 7
Publication date:
29 December 2018

Mafia Raj: The Rule of Bosses in South Asia

Michelutti, Lucia
Hoque, Ashraf
Martin, Nicolas
Picherit, David
Rollier, Paul
Ruud, Arild E.
Still, Clarinda

978 1 5036 0638 8
Publication date:
25 December 2018

Practicing Caste: On Touching and Not Touching

Jaaware, Aniket
Rao, Anupama

978 0 8232 8226 5
Publication date:
4 December 2018

Messengers of Hindu Nationalism: How the RSS Reshaped India

Andersen, Walter
Damle, Shridhar D.

978 1 78738 025 7
Publication date:
29 November 2018

Companion to South Asia in the Past, A

Schug, Gwen Robbins
Walimbe, Subhash R.

978 1 119 05521 1
Publication date:
6 November 2018


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