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Central Asia

Identity, History and Trans-Nationality in Central Asia: Mountain Communities of Pamir

Faucher, Carole (Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan)
Dagiev, Dagikhudo (Institute of Ismaili Studies, UK)

978 0 8153 5755 1
Publication date:
10 July 2018

Investing in the Fight: Assessing the Use of the Commander's Emergency Response Program in Afghanistan

Egel, Daniel
Ries, Charles P.
Connable, Ben
Helmus, Todd C.
Robinson, Eric
Baruffi, Isaac
Bradley, Melissa A.
Card, Kurt
Loa, Kathleen
Mann, Sean

978 0 8330 9669 2
Publication date:
1 June 2018

History of Central Asia, The: The Age of Decline and Revival

Baumer, Christoph

978 1 78831 049 9
Publication date:
30 April 2018

Prospects for U.S. and Pakistan Air Power Engagement

Blank, Jonah
Girven, Richard S
Tarapore, Arzan
Thompson, Julia A
Chan, Arthur, (Of

978 0 8330 9935 8
Publication date:
13 April 2018

Informal Nationalism After Communism: The Everyday Construction of Post-Socialist Identities

Polese, Abel
Seliverstova, Oleksandra
Pawlusz, Emilia
Morris, Jeremy

978 1 78453 941 2
Publication date:
30 March 2018

Central Asia in the Era of Sovereignty: The Return of Tamerlane?

Burghart, Daniel L.
Sabonis-Helf, Theresa

978 1 4985 7266 8
Publication date:
30 March 2018

Central Asian Art

Lukonin, Vladimir G.
Ivanov, Anatoli

978 1 78042 018 9
Publication date:
28 March 2018


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