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Central Asia

Life and Afterlife in the Altaic World

Van Tongerloo, Alois

978 2 503 51688 2
Publication date:
30 December 2017

Power and Water in Central Asia

Menga, Filippo (The University of Reading, UK)

978 1 317 19431 6
Publication date:
8 December 2017

Investing in the Fight: Assessing the Use of the Commander's Emergency Response Program in Afghanistan

Egel, Daniel
Ries, Charles P.
Connable, Ben
Helmus, Todd C.
Robinson, Eric
Baruffi, Isaac
Bradley, Melissa A.
Card, Kurt
Loa, Kathleen
Mann, Sean

978 0 8330 9669 2
Publication date:
20 November 2017

Iran: A Modern History

Amanat, Abbas

978 0 300 11254 2
Publication date:
1 November 2017

Singing Across Divides: Music and Intimate Politics in Nepal

Stirr, Anna Marie (Assistant Professor of Asian Studies, University of Hawaii Manoa)

978 0 19 063197 0
Publication date:
25 October 2017


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