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Videogames and Virtual Realities in East Asia

Wong, Dixon (University of Hong Kong)
Kelly, William H. (Tama University, Japan)

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Publication date:
31 March 2019

Full description: 

Videogames are extremely popular in East Asia. This book examines the phenomenon, showing how the structure of the games business, and therefore the engagement between consumers and games, varies considerably between different parts of East Asia, with game consoles dominating in Japan and on-line gaming prevailing in Korea. It relates video gaming to other forms of popular culture, such as manga, animation and film, and discusses a wide range of issues including production, consumption and markets, social aspects of games and other virtual realms, including the motivation of participants the ways in which they engage and issues related to the content of games, including the graphic, aural and narrative aspects of games and how these are constructed.

Table of contents: 

Introduction Dixon Wong and William H. Kelly Part 1: Gaming Cultures and Gaming Communities 1. The Way of the Online Game Stephanie Oeben 2. Rethinking Participatory Culture: Lessons from Core Teams in China Yong Ming Kow and Bonnie Nardi 3. How online game users are different according to regions Jong H. Wi Part 2: Crossing Borders 4. Localizing Strtegies: parameters in the localization of games to and from Japan William H. Kelly 5. More Than a Game: Studying Video Game in Hong Kong WONG Chi Hang 6. Remembering and Consuming the Good Old Days of Hong Kong in Japanese Video Games Benjamin W.M. Ng 7. Virtual colonialism: Japanese representations of identity in SoulCalibur Rachael Hutchinson Part 3: Genre, Gender & Sexuality 8. The World Not Quite Virtual Real: The Language of Bishojo Games Satomi Saito 9. How do Japanese classify, review and ban adult content for adult gamers? Clara Yip 10. From Representation to Virtual Realities: A Case Study of the Pornographic Preference among Taiwanese in Taipei Wong Heung Wah and Yau Hoi-yan 11. Afterword William H. Kelly and Dixon Wong


Dixon Wong is Associate Professor and Head of the School of Modern Languages and Cultures in the University of Hong Kong. William H Kelly is Professor in the School of Global Studies, Tama University, Japan.



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