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Vet in Hong Kong

Lyon, Russell

978 1 906307 39 4
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Publication date:
31 December 2019

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Explore the life and work of a vet in the exotic Far East. This book is suitable for those who work with or love animals and those who want to get a true account of the life of a vet in a foreign country.

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After working as a vet in England for nearly 40 years in 2006, Russell Lyon was given the exciting opportunity to live and work in Hong Kong. He relished the challenge of swapping farm animals for more exotic creatures and the country life style for the fast paced whirl of one of China's most vibrant cities. He spent over 18 months living and working in Hong Kong, dealing with a tropical diseases, the language barrier and culture and superstitions so alien that it was only with help of his Cantonese nurses that he avoided causing serious offence. Meet Fat BB the cat who urgently needed a sex change operation, a stray dog that had four acute life threatening illnesses at once and yet survived and the wealthy Chinese business man who provided luxury accommodation, including swimming pool, for his pack of stray dogs. Find out all about the challenges and successes of this unique situation with witty anecdotes and warts and all revelations.You'll never look at your own vet the same way again.


Russell Lyon is a farmer's son from Lanarkshire. At an early age he realized that a farmer's life was not for him and graduated from the Royal Dick School of Veterinary Medicine in Edinburgh in 1967. He left Scotland soon after to pursue his career in Cambridgeshire and Norfolk. He was a partner and then principal in a very successful mixed practice for many years but also had a parallel career in writing. He is the author of eight books, innumerable magazine articles and has made regular contributions on radio. He has appeared on Grampian TV and the Landward series for BBC Scotland where he successfully demonstrated ancient horse whispering methods. After living and working in Hong Kong he has a continual fascination with the Far East.




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