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Use of Confessionary Evidence under the Counter-Terrorism Laws of Sri Lanka, The: An Interdisciplinary Study

Chandrasekaram, Visakesa

978 94 6298 157 7
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Publication date:
3 January 2017

Short description: 

This book applies theoretical insights from the work of philosophers such as Carl Schmitt, Giorgio Agamben, and Michel Foucault to the Sri Lankan context to examine the conflicting narratives relating to the counter-terrorism laws produced by both sides in the conflict.

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Terrorism, confessions, LTTE

Table of contents: 

Do Tigers confess?[-]Rebellion and martyrdom[-]Facts, falsities, and fictions[-]Punitive interrogation of Tamil Tiger suspects[-]Judgment of the terrorist against the 'formula of justice'[-]Fantasies, fictions, myths, and denials about Tamil Tigers' confessions[-]Annexure[-]BIBLIOGRAPHY[-]

Biography: target= _blank >Dr. Visakesa worked as a human rights lawyer and an independent arts practitioner in Sri Lanka and Australia. He has written and presented several creative pieces including Forbidden Area, a play, The King and the Assassin, a fiction and Frangipani, a feature film.



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