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Tohoku: Japan's Constructed Outland

Kawanishi, Hidemichi
Guo, Nanyan
Hill, Raquel

978 90 04 27433 4
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Publication date:
10 September 2015

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How did the notion of a backward Tohoku come about? Hidemichi Kawanishi offers a new way of looking at Japanese history and world history from the perspective of Tohoku regional studies.

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In March 2011 Japan's Tohoku region was devastated by a massive earthquake and tsunami. This was another blow to an area that has been dogged by hardships throughout Japanese history. Beginning in the middle of the 19th century, modern Japan, in its quest to form a nation-state, situated Tohoku on the periphery and emphasised the region's alleged backwardness. By examining how Tohoku has been perceived and constructed through this lens across the span of history, Hidemichi Kawanishi reveals a Japan that is far more diverse than traditionally thought.


Hidemichi Kawanishi, is Professor of Japanese History at Hiroshima University. He has edited numerous volumes and published several monographs on Japanese history from the perspective of Tohoku regional studies, including Semegiau chiiki to guntai (Region and military in conflict) (Iwanami shoten, 2010). .




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