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Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism in China: Domestic and Foreign Policy Dimensions

Clarke, Michael

978 1 84904 877 4
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Publication date:
13 September 2018

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China, hitherto barely affected by terrorism, now confronts a phenomenon all too familiar to other nations.

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China's problem with terrorism has historically been considered an outgrowth of Beijing's efforts to integrate the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region into the People's Republic of China. Since the end of the Cold War, however, this internal dynamic has converged with an evolving external environment, stimulating the development of linkages between Uyghur separatism and terrorism and broader terrorist movements in Central Asia, South Asia and the Middle East. This book brings together some of the leading experts on Chinese terrorism, offering the first systematic, scholarly assessment of the country's approaches to this threat. Four areas of investigation are looked at: the scope and nature of terrorism in China and its connection with developments in other regions; the development of legislative measures to combat terrorism; the institutional evolution of China's counter-terrorism bureaucracy; and Beijing's counter-terrorism cooperation with international partners.


Michael Clarke is Associate Professor at the National Security College, Australian National University. He has published widely on the history and politics of Xinjiang, Uyghur separatism and terrorism, and Chinese foreign policy in Central Asia.




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