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Sustaining China's Economic Growth in the Twenty-first Century

Liu, Xiaming
Yao, Shujie

978 1 138 37112 5
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Publication date:
20 September 2018

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Economic growth in China has been exceptionally strong in recent decades, but the country still faces enormous economic problems, including huge poverty, uneven regional development, the problems associated with strengthening capital formation, modernising and making more productive the very large former state sector. This book presents the work of a wide range of leading economists of China, all members of the prestigious Chinese Economics Association, who put forward new research findings and new thinking on a wide range of issues connected with the problem of sustaining China's economic growth.

Table of contents: 

1 General Economic Issues 2 Industry, Agriculture and Financial Market 3 Openness and Social Issues


Shujie Yao is Professor and Chair of Economics at the Middlesex University Business School. He was previously research fellow of the University of Oxford and Professor of Development Economics at the University of Portsmouth. He has worked as an economic consultant in many African and Asian countries for the World Bank and other development agencies. His current research interests include economic growth, income inequality and poverty reduction. Xiaming Liu is Senior Lecturer of International Business at the University of Aston Business School. His main research interests include economic development, technological change and foreign direct investment. He has published extensively in these areas of research. He is managing editor of the Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies.




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