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Social Capital and Institutional Constraints: A Comparative Analysis of China, Taiwan and the US

Son, Joonmo

978 0 415 59522 3
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Publication date:
30 December 2010

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Using the comparative axes of political economy and cultural legacy, this book demonstrates the international commonalities and differences in access to and activation of social capital in China, the US and Taiwan. By dividing the three societies into the sets of capitalist vs socialist political economies and individualistic vs Confucian culture Joonmo Son examines how social capital works in different societies embedded with diverse historical and cultural contexts. As such, the book will be essential reading for students and scholars of Asian sociology, economic sociology and comparative politics.

Table of contents: 

1 Introduction 2 Institutional Constraints and Social Capital 3 Measurement of Social Capital 4 Data, Methods and Measures 5 ccessed Social Capital Among the Three Societies 6 Social Capital and Status Attainment 7 Conclusion and Discussion




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