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Singapore: A Modern History

Barr, Michael D.

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Publication date:
18 December 2018

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Comprehensive modern history of Singapore, from C16 to present

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Singapore gained independence in 1965, a city-state in a world of nation-states. Yet its long and complex history reaches much farther back. Blending modernity and tradition, ideologies and ethnicities, a peculiar set of factors make Singapore what it is today. In this thematic study of the island nation, Michael D. Barr proposes a new approach to understand this development. From the pre-colonial period through to the modern day, he traces the idea, the politics and the geography of Singapore over five centuries of rich history. In doing so he rejects the official narrative of the so-called 'Singapore Story'. Drawing on in-depth archival work and oral histories, Singapore: A Modern History is a work both for students of the country's history and politics, but also for any reader seeking to engage with this enigmatic and vastly successful nation.

Table of contents: 

PrologueSingapore's History Wars: Reorienting the National Narrative2. The Idea of Singapore3. Singapore Central: The Role of Location in Singapore's History4. Government before 'politics': circa 1390-circa 18905. Politics and Governance in Modern Singapore6. Governance in Independent Singapore: From Survival to Superlatives7. The Economy: Singapore, still at the centre8. The Society: Singapore as a CityBibliography


Michael D. Barr is Senior Lecturer in International Relations, Flinders University, Australia.He is Editor-in-Chief of Asian Studies Review and the author of Cultural Politics and Asian Values, Paths Not Taken: Political Pluralism in Post-War Singapore (edited with C. Trocki), Constructing Singapore (with Z. Skrbis), Lee Kuan Yew, and The Ruling Elite of Singapore: Networks of Power and Influence (I.B.Tauris).



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