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Routledge Handbook of the Silk Road

Elverskog, Johan

978 1 138 22255 7
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Publication date:
31 December 2018

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Rejecting the notion that the Silk Road ended with the rise of maritime trade, The Routledge Handbook of the Silk Road offers an innovative and interdisciplinary overview of the field. In addition to addressing the standard themes such as art and trade the international team of contributors cover unconventional areas such as astrology, technology and modernity to open up the discipline. This handbook begins by providing a holistic historical introduction to the Silk Road in the current historiographical epochs, as well as an overview of institutions and dynamics that have shaped the Silk Road over time. These two introductory sections are followed by five thematic sections that cut across the temporal and process paradigms: Art, Beings, Ideas, Sound and Scripts, and Transmissions. The Routledge Handbook of the Silk Road will be a useful resource for students of scholars of the Silk Road, Asian, Eurasian and Middle Eastern History, World History, Asian Culture and Society and Religion.


Johan Elverskog is Altshuler University Distinguished Teaching Professor and Chair of Religious Studies at Southern Methodist University, USA.




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