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Routledge Handbook of Indian and South Asian History

Bates, Crispin (University of Edinburgh, UK)

978 0 415 48978 2
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Publication date:
1 January 2019

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This Handbook presents key issues in Indian and South Asian history from earliest time to 1947, with an emphasis on the modern period since 1600. Written by experts in their respective areas, the Handbook introduces the reader to the field. The book is structured chronologically and highlights issues that have most intensely concerned historians as well as innovative departures and areas of investigation in recent scholarship. Topics discussed include subjects that are still of relevance in contemporary India, such as Islamic, Hindu and Sikh Revivalism, Hindu nationalism, gender and the Indian family, and low-caste politics. Chapters included also deal with the histories of Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. The last section of the book covers the partition of India and Pakistan and the modern history of South Asia after independence. It concludes with a summary chapter on South Asia and the modern world. Time lines, maps and complete bibliographies for further reading complement this comprehensive reference work. It will be an invaluable source of information to students and academics interested in South Asian studies, colonial history and modern Asian history.

Table of contents: 

1. Introduction 2. Early Indian and South Asian History 3. Medieval Indian and South Asian History 4. South Asia and the Indian Ocean World 5. The Ascendance and Decline of Mughal Power 6. The Marathas 7. European Trade and Socio-Economic change in the Eighteenth Century 8. Colonial Transformations - The East India company and India in the early 19th century 9. The Uprising of 1857 and the British Empire in India 10. The Indian Princely States 11. Industrialisation 12. Information and Communications 13. Science, Medicine and Technology 14. Agricultural Change from 1500 to 1947 15. Islamic Revivalism 16. Hindu Revivalism and the Hindi Language Movement 17. Sikh Revivalism 18. Gender and the South Asian Family 19. The Growth of Civil Society and Emergence of Indian Nationalism 20. The Swadeshi Movement 21. Hindu Nationalism 22. Gandhi and the Independence Movement 23. Left Politics 24. The Working Class and Working Class Movements 25. Low-caste, Adivasi and Dalit Politics 26. The Depression and Inter-War Economy 27. The Indian Middle Classes 28. The Pakistan Movement 29. The Partition of India 30. Colonial and Post-colonial Sri Lanka 31. Afghanistan: Tribalism and the struggle for unity 32. Nepal: From Dependency to Revolution 33. Bhutan: Isolation and Change 34. The Making of Modern Bangladesh 35. Indian History since Independence 36. South Asia and the World


Crispin Bates is presently a Reader in the School of History, Classics and Archaeology at the University of Edinburgh, where he teaches modern South Asian history from 1750 to the present day. He is also Director of Edinburgh University's Centre for South Asian studies. He has published widely on various aspects of Indian social and economic history, but mostly concerning rural Indian (and tribal) labour and labour migration. His publications include Subalterns and the Raj (Routledge 2007), a textbook on the history of South Asia since 1600.



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