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Routledge Handbook of EU-China Relations, The

Wei, Shen
Gottwald, Jorn-Carsten
Cottey, Andrew

978 1 138 91844 3
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Publication date:
1 January 2019

Full description: 

The Routledge Handbook of EU-China Relations is a comprehensive overview of the changing dynamics in relations between the EU and China provided by leading experts in the field. Coherently structured into 7 parts, it details through a series of cutting-edge articles the dynamics of conflict and competition, persistent misunderstandings, and opportunities for partnership that are entrenched in EU-China relations. It will be a key reference point both for advanced-level students developing knowledge about the subject, as well as researchers producing new material in the area and beyond. It brings geographical scope and depth, with chapters contributed by an international team of experts from Europe, China and the rest of the world. The Routledge Handbook of EU-China Relations will be an essential reference for scholars, students, researchers and practitioners interested and working in the the fields of Chinese Studies, EU Studies/Politics, European Poltics, Asian Studies and International Relations.

Table of contents: 

Introduction: The Many Facets of a Comprehensive Partnership 1 China and Europe from Marco Polo to Deng Xiaoping 2 The Study of China -EU Relations: Institutionlisation and Differentiation 3 Exchange, cooperation and conflict between the two partners: an overview 4 Who, where and how?: The Overall Structure and Framework of China-EU Relations Part I: High Politics 5 The China-EU Strategic Partnership: from honeymoon to couple counselling 6 China, the EU and MES 7 China, the EU, Taiwan, Tibet and the Arms Embargo 8 China, the EU and Human Rights 9 China, the EU and traditional threats to security 10 China, the EU and new threats to security Part II: Sectoral Cooperation 11 The Amazing Jungle of Sectoral Dialogues 12 China, the EU and Technical Cooperation 13 China, the EU and Migration 14 China, the EU and Urbanisation Part III: Economic Cooperation 15 China, the EU and Trade Relations 16 China, the EU and Financial Cooperation 17 China, the EU and Product Standards 18 China, the EU and Innovation Part IV: Legal Aspects of EU-China Relations 19 China, the EU and Intellectual Property Rights 20 China's legal reform and EU's role 21 Legal environment for foreign investors 22 China, the EU and rule of law Part V: EU-China and the Global Environmental Challenges 23 China, the EU and Green Technology 24 China, the EU and Renewable Energy 25 China, the EU and Green House Gas Emission 26 China, the EU and Climate Change Negotiation Part VI: EU-China and Regional Integration 27 China, the EU and ASEAN 28 China, the EU and ASEM 29 China, the EU and BRICS 30 China, the EU and Africa 31 China, the EU and 16+1 Part VII: China, the EU and Global Governance 32 China and the EU in the United Nations 33 China, the EU and Bretton Woods 34 China the EU and the G20 35 China, the EU and Non-Proliferation Part 8 People to People 36 China, the EU and civil society 37 China, the EU and party to party 38 China, the EU and think tanks 39 China, the EU and academic cooperation Conclusion


Professor Wei Shen is the only Jean Monnet Chair in EU-China Relations, Director of Lancaster University Confucius Institute, he is an expert on the social dimension of bilateral partnership; Professor Gottwald, Dean of Faculty of East Asian Studies at Bochum University, is a specialist on the East Asian Politics and Asia's financial and economic relations with Europe; Professor Brown directs University of Sydney's China Studies Centre, one of the largest and reputable institutions on China. He has strong policy making experiences, being a former British diplomat and researcher at Chatham House; Professor Cottey is strongly engaged within security studies, holds the Jean Monnet Chair in European Political Integration and heads the Department of Government at University College Cork.




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