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Routledge Handbook of Chinese Culture and Society

Latham, Kevin (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, UK)

978 0 415 83058 4
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Publication date:
31 December 2018

Full description: 

Offers an overview of contemporary Chinese social and cultural issues including gender and family, religion and ethnicity, social stratification, urban life, popular culture and media. Will be of interest to students and scholars of China across a range of disciplines including anthropology, sociology, area studies, history, politics and cultural and media studies.

Table of contents: 

Introduction - Kevin Latham (SOAS) In search of tradition 1 Tracing Confucianism in contemporary Chinese society - Daniel Bell (Tsinghua University) 2 Patriarchies old and new in contemporary China - Judith Stacey (NYU)/Harriet Evans (Westminster)/Dai Jinhua (Beida) 3 Family, lineage and social transformation - Yan Yunxiang (UCLA) 4 The resilience of guanxi: adaptation and transformation - Mayfair Yang (Berkeley)/Chang Kuang-chi (University of Wisconsin) State, society and education 5 State and privatisation - Li Zhang (Irvine)/ Aihwa Ong (Berkeley) 6 The rise of civil society - Chen Kinman (CUHK) 7 Aspiration and schooling - Andrew Kipnis (ANU) 8 Migration and education - Rachel Murphy (Oxford) 9 Youth, exams and the pressure to conform - Alex Cockain (HK Polytechnic University?) Social stratification and difference 10 China's middle class - Li Zhang (Irvine)/ /Luigi Tomba (ANU) 11 Suzhi - Tamara Jacka (ANU)/ Ann Anagnost (University of Washington) 12 Technology and the construction of the working class - Jack Qiu (CUHK) 13 Migration and social difference - Sun Wanning (UTS)/Frank Pieke (Leiden) 14 Language, face and the construction of difference - Qing Zhang (University of Arizona)/Yi Li (Nankai University) Urban China 15 Labour markets and reform - Luigi Tomba (ANU)/Wu Bin (Nottingham) 16 Neighbourhoods - Luigi Tomba (ANU) 17 Migrant workers in Chinese cities - Sun Wanning (UTS)/Yan Hairong (HK Polytechnic University?)/Pun Ngai (HKUST) 18 Welfare and the vulnerable - Shang Xiaoyuan (Sussex) Rural China 19 Social transformation in rural China - Jonathan Unger (ANU) 20 Morality and social change in rural China - Ellen Oxfeld (Middlebury College, US?) 21 Modernity and everyday life in rural China - Liu Xin (Berkeley) 22 Popular resistance in rural China - Kevin O'Brien (Berkeley) Gender, sexuality and reproduction 23 Prostitution and masculinities - Zheng Tiantian (U of New York State, Cortland) 24 One child and more - Susan Greenhalgh (Harvard) 25 Women's sexuality in a changing China - Harriet Evans (Westminster) 26 Changing representations of homosexuality in contemporary China - Song Hwee Lim (Exeter) Food, Health and healthcare 27 HIV/AIDS - Giulia Zoccatelli (SOAS) 28 Healthcare and medicine - Judith Farquhar (Chicago) 29 Biotech in contemporary society - Aihwa Ong (Berkeley)/Nancy N. Chen (UC Santa Cruz) 30 Transformations of Chinese cuisines - Jakob Klein (SOAS) Popular culture and media 31 Media and governance - Meng Bingchun (LSE) 32 Mobiles and protest - Liu Jun (Copenhagen/Stanford) 33 Television and public discourse - Chris Berry (Goldsmiths) 34 Philanthropy, celebrity and governance - Elaine Jeffreys (UTS) 35 Investigative journalism: pushing the limits - Li-fung Cho (University of Hong Kong)/Jingrong Tong (Leicester) Religion and ethnicity 36 Religion and social change in C21st China - Adam Chau (Cambridge) 37 Christianity in contemporary China - Richard Madsen (UC San Diego) 38 State, modernity and religiosity - Mayfair Yang (Berkeley) 39 Ethnic minorities and religion - Katherine Swancutt (Oxford) 40 Ethnic identity and inter-ethnic relations/conflict/tension - Louisa Schein (Rutgers)/Rachel Harris (SOAS)


Kevin Latham is a Senior Lecturer in Social Anthropology at SOAS, University of London, UK.




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