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Rise of the Japanese Corporate System, The

Matsumoto, Koji

978 0 415 85153 4
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1 June 2013

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Japan's economy is invariably seen as a prime example of a capitalist system, and a consideration of the elements upon which the Japanese economy is founded seems to lead inexorably to the conclusion that Japan is an established member of the group of highly developed capitalist nations. Yet a country's internal mechanisms can differ markedly from the system as perceived externally. Although not yet widely recognized, a new kind of economic system has developed in Japan, a system that differs greatly from traditional capitalism. The author of this book has observed Japanese industry from the inside. He provides detailed explanations of the unique features of the new corporate system and how it differs from the system of orthodox capitalistic corporations.

Table of contents: 

1. Corporations for Corporate Employees 2. Comparison with Foreign Corporations 3. The Progressive Nature of the Japanese Corporate System 4. Kigyoism as an Economic System 5. Kigyoism as a Social System 6. The Rise of Kigyoism





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