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Religion and Nationalism in Southeast Asia

Liow, Joseph Chinyong (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

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19 August 2016

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Examines the ways in which religion and nationalism have interacted to provide a powerful impetus for mobilization in Southeast Asia.

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Religion and nationalism are two of the most potent and enduring forces that have shaped the modern world. Yet, there has been little systematic study of how these two forces have interacted to provide powerful impetus for mobilization in Southeast Asia, a region where religious identities are as strong as nationalist impulses. At the heart of many religious conflicts in Southeast Asia lies competing conceptions of nation and nationhood, identity and belonging, and loyalty and legitimacy. In this accessible and timely study, Joseph Liow examines the ways in which religious identity nourishes collective consciousness of a people who see themselves as a nation, perhaps even as a constituent part of a nation, but anchored in shared faith. Drawing on case studies from across the region, Liow argues that this serves both as a vital element of identity and a means through which issues of rights and legitimacy are understood.

Table of contents: 

Preface; Acknowledgements; Glossary; Introduction; 1. Faith and flag; 2. Southern Philippines: reframing (Bangsa) Moro to Bangsamoro; 3. Thailand's southern border provinces: constructing narratives and imagining Patani Darussalam; 4. Malaysia: religion, ethno-nationalism, and turf-guarding; 5. Contesting principles of nationhood in post-independence Indonesia: narratives and counter-narratives; Conclusion; Bibliography; Index.


Joseph Liow is Dean and Professor of Comparative and International Politics at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University. He is also the inaugural holder of the Lee Kuan Yew Chair in Southeast Asia Studies and Senior Fellow in the Foreign Policy Program at the Brookings Institution in Washington DC. Liow's research focusses on comparative politics, Islamic studies, international relations, and political sociology. He has a particular interest in Muslim politics and social movements in Southeast Asia, and has published books on the topics of Muslim politics in Malaysia and Islamic education in Thailand.




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