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Propaganda and Political Warfare in South Asia: India and Anglo-American Relations during WWII

Kaminsky, Arnold P. (California State University, Long Beach, USA)

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Publication date:
1 December 2018

Full description: 

Propaganda and Political Warfare in South Asia investigates some of the institutions and strategies that evolved during World War II with regard to British India. It identifies the bureaucratic mechanisms in place during the war to handle questions related to propaganda and the Raj in England, India and Southeast Asia, and the United States, highlighting both intra- and intergovernmental differences regarding the content, context and implementation of political warfare and propaganda in South Asia. Based on extensive archival research, the author illuminates key areas of Anglo-American dispute over wartime and post-war developments in India in particular and Asia more generally. Additionally, he sheds new light on problem areas in India, Britain and the United States, including American public and official opinion on India, Congress activities in India, London and the United States, and American activities in India. The book will be of interest to scholars of South Asian history, British empire and imperial studies as well as those interested in Anglo-American relations and World War II.

Table of contents: 

1. Introduction 2. The Organization of Propaganda and Political Warfare 3. Film, Radio and the Press in Wartime India 4. The Selling of the Raj in America 5. The Indian Response 6. Conclusion


Arnold P. Kaminsky is Professor of History at California State University, Long Beach,US. His research interests lie in the area of Modern South Asian/Indian History.




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