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Pray, Magic, Heal: The Story of Bali's Famous Eat, Pray, Love Folk Healer

David Stuart-Fox, Ketut Liyer/Charles Levine

978 09 86635 105
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Rp 295,000

Publication date:
1 June 2015

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Pray, Magic, Heal ushers the reader into the shimmering world of Balinese magic and healing, as practiced by the island's most famous folk healer, Ketut Liyer. Even the recent onslaught of western ideas, tourists, and medicine has not dampened the spirit of Balinese magic. Most Balinese still believe in the existence of a parallel world of demons and deities, of white and black magic, mediated by healers like Liyer who play a vital role in maintaining the health and well-being of the individual, family and community. Starting in the mid-1970's, Stuart-Fox began recording conversations with Liyer, and much of the story is told in Liyer's own words. The book tells about Liyer's profession as a healer and especially about the extraordinary magic drawings that he uses in his practice. It paints a compelling picture of a life dedicated to studying, practicing and preserving Bali's centuries-old healing wisdom and magic.




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