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Politics of Modern India since Independence, The

Bates, Crispin (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Basu, Subho (Syracuse University, US)

978 0 415 77865 7
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Publication date:
30 March 2019

Full description: 

The textbook offers a detailed, jargon-free, chronological survey of Indian political history from 1947 up to the present. It treats political structures as historically determined, induced by economic transformation, state interventions, popular movements and discourses emanating from and reshaping popular discourses. Included are a detailed index, sub-headings, maps and illustrations, as well as a time-line of the events in India's political history since independence. These pedagogical features, as well as text boxes to explain institutions, issues and ideas, and a detailed bibliography will aid student readers navigating the book and assist further study.

Table of contents: 

1. Introduction 2. The Birth of the Republic 3. Democratic Socialism in a capitalist economy: the Nehruvian era 4. The Collapse of Consensus 5. Indira Gandhi and the Rise of Populist Authoritarianism 6. Experiments with Coalition 7. The Twilight Years of Congress Hegemony 8. The Beginning of a Coalition Era 9. Opening up the Economy 10. Saffron Waves and Populist Politics 11. Globalisation and the fight for the middle ground in Indian politics 12. Possibilities and Lost Opportunities


Crispin Bates is Reader in the School of History, Classics & Archaeology at the University of Edinburgh, where he teaches modern South Asian history from 1750 to the present day. He is also Director of Edinburgh University's Centre for South Asian studies, a member of the UK Arts and Humanities Council Research Panel for modern history and the series editor of the Routledge/Edinburgh South Asian Studies series. His recent publications include Subalterns and the Raj, also published by Routledge (2007). Subho Basu is a Professor at the Department of History, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University, US. He has published widely in labor history and contemporary history of Indian politics and is currently completing a book on communist politics in Bengal.



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