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Parallel Wings: The Art of Rini Dhumal

Contributions by:
Bahl, Sushma K.
Dhumal, Rini
Dharker, Anil

978 93 85360 29 9
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40.00 GBP

Publication date:
4 September 2017

Short description: 

Spanning a wide spectrum of creative constructs emerging from varied ideations and genres, Rini Dhumal's art is rooted in India's culture and myth, coupled with her international exposure and imaginative spirit.

Full description: 

In a fine assimilation of abstraction, myth, landscape and conceptualization, her art is threaded with the face, form and guration of the `goddess' in various incarnations of Rini's own design. This book is an attempt to understand and appreciate the dramatis persona, review her creative journey and take the reader through the various stages of her life and work until the present, with its focus on an exceptionally impressive and extensively varied repertoire.


Rini Dhumal is one of India's best known artists. A painter as well as a printmaker, her work has been chronicled in Drawn to Life: The Sketchbooks of Rini Dhumal (Mapin 2014) and Rooted Landscapes: e Art of Rini Dhumal (Mapin 2010). Sushma K. Bahl is an independent arts adviser, writer and curator based in Delhi. The author of several books, she is a recipient of the MBE for her contribution to India-UK cultural collaborative work, and the IHC Art India Award for her curation of Ways of Seeing art exhibition. Anil Dharker is a noted columnist and writer based in Mumbai. As Editor, he has led some of the most well- known dailies of India.




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