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The Oxford Handbook of Christianity in Asia

Felix Wilfred

978 0 19932 906 9
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10 July 2014

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Despite the ongoing global expansion of Christianity, there remains a lack of comprehensive scholarship on its development in Asia. This volume fills the gap by exploring the world of Asian Christianity and its manifold expressions, including worship, theology, spirituality, inter-religious relations, interventions in society, and mission. The contributors, from over twenty countries, deconstruct many of the widespread misconceptions and interpretations of Christianity in Asia. They analyze how the growth of Christian beliefs throughout the continent is linked with the socio-political and cultural processes of colonization, decolonization, modernization, democratization, identity construction of social groups, and various social movements. With a particular focus on inter-religious encounters and emerging theological and spiritual paradigms, the volume provides alternative frames for understanding the phenomenon of conversion and studies how the scriptures of other religious traditions are used in the practice of Christianity within Asia.

The Oxford Handbook of Christianity in Asia draws insightful conclusions on the historical, contemporary, and future trajectory of its subject by combining the contributions of scholars in a wide variety of disciplines, including theology, sociology, history, political science, and cultural studies. It will be an invaluable resource for understanding Christianity in a global context.


Edited by Felix Wilfred, Emeritus Professor, State University of Madras; Founder and Director, Asian Centre for Cross-Cultural Studies

Felix Wilfred is Emeritus Professor at the State University of Madras, and the Founder and Director of the Asian Centre for Cross-Cultural Studies. He was appointed the first professor to the newly endowed Chair of Indian Studies established at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, by the Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR). He was also a member of the International Theological Commission, as well as Joseph visiting Professor at Boston College in 2001 and 2003.



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