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New Millennium South Korea: Neoliberal Capitalism and Transnational Movements

Song, Jesook

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Publication date:
9 September 2010

Short description: 

Focuses on South Korea's transformation during the early years of the new millennium. This book discusses the key features of various transformations within the country.

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New Millennium South Korea focuses on South Korea's transformation during the early years of the new millennium. The book discusses the key features of recent transformations within the country.

Table of contents: 

Introduction: Why Korea in the New Millennium? Song, Jesook Part I: Economic and Sociological Accounts 1. Globalization and Social Inequality in South Korea Shin, Kwang-Yeong 2. Neoliberalism, the Financial Crisis and Economic Restructuring in Korea Lee, Kang-Kook 3. Neoliberalism in South Korea: The Dynamics of Financialization Jang, Jin-Ho Part II: Ethnographic and Historical Accounts 4. Contesting Legal Liminality: The Gendered Labor Politics of Irregular Workers in South Korea Chun, Jennifer Jihye 5. The Will to Self-Managing, the Will to Freedom: The Self-managing Ethic and the Spirit of Flexible Capitalism in South Korea Seo, Dongjin 6. Educational Manager Mothers As Neoliberal Maternal Subjects Park, So Jin 7. For the Rights of Colonial Returnees : Korean Chinese, Decolonization and Neoliberal Democracy in South Korea Park, Hyun Ok 8. Not-Quite Korean Children in Almost Korean Families: The Fear of Decreasing Population and State Multiculturalism in South Korea Paik, Young-Gyung 9. If you don't work, you don't eat : Evangelizing Development in Africa Han, Ju Hui Judy Han


Jesook Song is an Associate Professor at the University of Toronto. As an anthropologist of Korea and a gender studies scholar, her interests include liberal governmentality, financialization, and youth education.




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