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New Histories of the Andaman Islands: Landscape, Place and Identity in the Bay of Bengal, 1790-2012

Anderson, Clare (University of Leicester)
Mazumdar, Madhumita
Pandya, Vishvajit

978 1 107 43402 8
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Publication date:
8 March 2018

Short description: 

A multidisciplinary exploration of the history of the Andaman Islands, blending history, sociology and anthropology.

Full description: 

This innovative, multidisciplinary exploration of the unique history of the Andaman Islands as a hunter-gatherer society, colonial penal colony, and state-engineered space of settlement and development ranges across the theoretical, conceptual and thematic concerns of history, anthropology and historical geography. Covering the entire period of post-settlement Andamans history, from the first (failed) British occupation of the Islands in the 1790s up to the year 2012, the authors examine imperial histories of expansion and colonization, decolonization, anti-colonialism and nationalism, Japanese occupation, independence and partition, migration, commemoration and contemporary issues of Indigenous welfare. New Histories of the Andaman Islands offers a new way of thinking about the history of South Asia, and will be thought-provoking reading for scholars of settler colonial societies in other contexts, as well as those engaged in studies of nationalism and postcolonial state formation, ecology, visual cultures and the politics of representation.

Table of contents: 

1. Introduction; Part I. Contentious Landscapes: 2. Improving visions, troubled landscapes: the legacies of colonial Ferrargunj; 3. Entangled struggles, contested histories: the Second World War and after; 4. The making of a 'rhizomatic' landscape: place, space and the politics of memory in the Andamanese Islands; Part II. Affective Landscapes: 5. The Andaman local born: history, identity and convict descent; 6. Dwelling in fluid spaces: the Matuas of the Andaman Islands; 7. In pursuit of fireflies: the poetics and politics of 'lightscapes' in the Jarawa forests; Part III. Imagined Landscapes: 8. Visual representations of the penal colony; 9. Endangered landscapes, dream destinations: the shifting frames of 'tropicality' in the Andaman Islands; 10. Conclusion; Bibliography; Index.




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