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New Dynamics Between China and Japan in Asia: How to Build the Future from the Past?

Faure, Guy

978 981 4313 66 7
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Publication date:
9 January 2020

Short description: 

A study of ties between China and Japan and their Asian counterparts.

Full description: 

This book is a study of ties between China and Japan and their Asian counterparts. It does not therefore directly treat bilateral relations between these powers, as these already constitute the subject of many other studies. A lengthy perspective has been taken into account in order to recall past legacies, some of which are still painfully contentious, and to record evolutions in attitudes and strategies vis-a-vis Asian countries.

Table of contents: 

The New Sino-Japanese Great GameA in Asia, between Competition and Complementarities (G Faure); Anchoring the Right Pattern of Interdependance and Rivalry: China-Japan Relations under the New Leadership (T Kim); A Study on the Chinese Nationalism in Sino-Japanese Relations (J-Y Choi); Expanding China's Military Power Projection Capability: A Threatening Rise for Regional Peace? (M Masuda); China/Japan: Do they have Compatible Regional Visions? (S Boisseau Du Rocher); FDI in Southeast Asia and the Japan-China rivalry (D Hoyrup); Japan and the Reconstruction of the Indochinese Peninsula (M Shiraishi); ADB and Japan China Games of Influence in GMS Development (G Faure); The Economic Corridors of the GMS, New Stakes for Peninsular and Regional Powers (C Taillard); Evaluating Effectiveness of GMS Economic Corridors: Why More Focuses on Bangkok-Hanoi Road than East-West Corridor? (M Ishida); Myanmar and Japan: How Close Friends Become Estranged? (T Kudo); From Mandalay to Rangoon: Chinese Presence in Burma (Myanmar) (G Lubeigt); Thailand Economic Relations vis-a-vis China and Japan (S Chirathivat); China as Perceived by Vietnam : A Worrying Partner (M Salomon & D K Vu).



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