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Myanmar's 'Rohingya' Conflict

Ware, Anthony
Laoutides, Costas

978 1 84904 904 7
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Publication date:
6 September 2018

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As the long predicted crackdown on Myanmar's Rohingya Muslims gathers pace, this book offers a nuanced and frank history of their claims to citizenship.

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The plight of Myanmar's Rohingya Muslims has made global headlines in recent years. Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya have fled Myanmar for Bangladesh, amidst serious allegations of genocide, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity. The impact on Myanmar's international standing has been massive. However, much of the commentary so far has been reductionist, flattening complex dynamics into a simple narrative of state oppression of a religious minority. Exploring this long-running tripartite conflict between the Rohingya, Rakhine and the Burman-led state, this book offers a new analysis of the complexities of the current crisis: the fears and motivations driving it and the competition to control historical representations and collective memory. The authors question these competing narratives, and examine the international dimensions of this intractable conflict, ultimately arguing that the central issue is a contestation over political inclusion and control over governance.


Anthony Ware is Senior Lecturer in Development Studies at Deakin University, Melbourne, and Director of the Australia Myanmar Institute. He specialises in international development in conflict situations, and sociopolitical dynamics of community-led development. Costas Laoutides is Senior Lecturer in International Relations at Deakin University, Melbourne. He specialises in separatist conflicts, particularly relationships between negotiated settlements and modes of political accommodation.




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