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Megacity Seoul: Urbanization and the Development of Modern South Korea

Joo, Yu-Min (Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Singapore)

978 1 138 24253 1
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Publication date:
1 June 2018

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In Asia, there are a growing number of gigantic megalopolises, accompanied by a series of speculative and extravagant megaprojects. Amid the fast-paced urban and development challenges, many Asian developing countries have started to search for successful Asian development models. South Korea and its capital city Seoul are frequently referenced models. South Korea's economic miracle of the late twentieth century, however, has been mostly studied through an economic policy lens. This book revisits the development of South Korea by looking at its urban dimension and exploring the city of Seoul as a developmental megaproject. Offering an alternative to the focus on economic policies when it comes to explaining South Korea's development successes, Joo looks at the urbanization that took place under the guidance of the strong developmental state. She provides empirical evidence of the property state at work, both complementing and supporting the developmental state. She also analyses why and how Seoul was able to emerge as an important Asian global city and a global front-runner in terms of ambitious and pioneering urban investments, despite its relatively recent history marked by massive slums and urban poverty. This book provides an analytical framework for studying South Korea's modern development under capitalism, as a precursor to the East Asian urbanism and development. It paints a comprehensive story of how cities have been both politically and economically important to Korea's development experience, and are increasingly becoming a new mode of development

Table of contents: 

1. Introduction to Urbanization, Development and Globalization 2. The Era of National Urban Network: Export-Oriented Industrialization and Selected Urbanism 3. Developmental and Speculative Urbanism led by the State in Seoul 4. Democratization and Seoul's Growth as a Metropolis 5. Neoliberalism, Globalization and the Rise of the Mega-urban Conurbation of Seoul 6. The Decline of the Megaproject Era and the Rise of the City of Exports 7. Urban Growth as a Model of Development




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