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Manifestations of History: Time, Space and Community in the Andaman Islands

Frank Heidemann, and
Philipp Zehmisch

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10 October 2016

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This volume highlights the significant, yet underestimated, place of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in socio-cultural and historical studies of the Indian Ocean region. British penal colonialism, the Japanese occupation during the Second World War as well as the post-Independence migration of Partition refugees, repatriates and migrants from all over South Asia left a deep imprint on local society. These features render the islands an ideal sociological showcase for the study of historical manifestations. Multiple castes, classes, communities, religions, and languages reflect the social complexity of South Asia and reveal entanglements between the British Empire, the Indian nation-state, and destination countries of South Asian overseas migration. Effectively, this volume contributes to interdisciplinary theorizing by bringing together research rooted in historical theory and scholarship stemming from ethnographic observation as well as macro-level studies of South Asian nation-states and micro-level studies of local communities in vivid and meaningful dialogue with each other. Challenging the analytical usefulness of Euro- centric perceptions of time-structured historical models as the only valid means of explaining the present, it explores alternative analytical avenues opened by a space-bound concept of history.

Contributors: Clare Anderson • Manish Chandi • Frank Heidemann • Jamal Malik • Kanchan Mukhopadhyay • Satadru Sen • Sita Venkateswar • Claire Wintle • Philipp Zehmisch


Frank Heidemann is Professor of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University.

Philipp Zehmisch is Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Center for Advanced Studies and the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, Ludwig-Maximilians-University.




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