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Malaysia-Singapore: Fifty Years of Contentions 1965-2015

Kadir Mohamad

978 9 83954 189 2
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1 October 2016

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"This book offers an interesting and informative account of the often fractious relations between two countries in the heart of Southeast Asia. It outlines the primary issues that plagued relations between Malaysia and Singapore in the last fifty years and the political, diplomatic and legal initiatives taken to address them. The author gives a first-person narrative of the seemingly endless behind-the-scene episodes that have brought the love-hate relationship to where they are today. He further delves into the vast reservoir of information on the rocky bilateral relationship to provide a reasonable argument over why Malaysia has behaved as it has since 1965. Exhaustive record of, among others, minutes, letters and documents are brought to light to substantiate the Malaysian view in relation to issues of contention with Singapore. Coming from an insider with more than four eventful decades in the Malaysian Foreign Service, it will be an eye opener for many."



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