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Majapahit Style

Made Wijaya

978 60 27136 700
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1 June 2014

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In 2002, Wijaya published Architecture of Bali - a source book of traditional and modern forms. Since then he has turned his sights to the architecture of the last Hindu era in Java, the empire of Majapahit, which rose in the early 14th century and lastedd until it's overthrow by Islam in the 16th century. He spent a decade researching and travelling to Java to take photographs and make videos on all the important archaeological sites featured in this volume. Majapahit Style is the first comprehensive overview of the relationhip between Majapahit-Java and its heir, Bali


 Made Wijaya, born Michael White in Sydney, Australia, was an architecture student travelling in the Indonesia archipelago when he leapt overboard and swam to Bali's southern shore during a rainstorm in 1973. He has made his home in Bali ever since. His Balinese name was given to him by the brahmana family who welcomed him into their fold and guided him initiation into the Balinese Hindu religion and its complex culture.

Made Wijaya's fascination with traditional Balinese architecture led him to study its practice firts-hand with local artisans and Balinese master buildrs, the priest-architects  known as undagi. In 1983, he began to document this study in a now avidly collected cloth-bound photocopy edition of Balinese Architecture - Towards an Encyclopedia, illustrated with his own photographs.



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