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Korean Picture Dictionary: Learn 1,500 Korean Words and Phrases - Ideal for TOPIK Exam Prep [Includes Online Audio]

Cho, Tina

978 0 8048 4932 6
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Publication date:
10 July 2018

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This Korean picture dictionary covers the 1,200 most useful Korean words and phrases.

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This Korean picture dictionary covers the 1,500 most useful Korean words and phrases. This illustrated dictionary presents the 1,500 Korean words and sentences that students need to know to pass the TOPIK proficiency exam. The handy format and highly visual presentation make it easy to learn and remember the words. The vocabulary is organized into 38 themes or topics. Each section presents 25 to 35 words and 3u8 sentences demonstrating their correct usage. Every word and sentence appears in Korean Hangul along with Romanized pronunciation and English meaning. Richly illustrated with over 600 color photographs, this useful Korean language tool includes a brief introduction to Korean pronunciation as well as an English-Korean index for quick reference. The free online audio contains recordings of native Korean speakers reading all the vocabulary and sentences, so students can learn correct pronunciation! TOPIK is a Test of Proficiency in Korean. It is a written test designed to measure the ability of non-native speakers for expression and comprehension in the Korean language given by the Korean Government twice a year around the world.


Tina Cho is the author of The Girl's Guide to Manners and forthcoming books: Rice from Heaven and Korean Celebrations. Tina writes for the educational and children's markets. She lives in South Korea with her husband and two children while teaching at an international school.




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