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Key Economic Areas in Chinese History: As Revealed in the Development of Public Works for Water-Control

Chi, Ch'ao-Ting

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18 September 2018

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This book, first published in 1936, offers the conception of the dynamics of the Key Economic Area as an aid to the understanding of Chinese economic history. By tracing their development through a historical study of the construction of irrigation and flood-control works and transport canals, it shows the function of the Key Economic Area as an instrument of control of subordinate areas.

Table of contents: 

1. The Concept of Key Economic Area and its Relation to Public Works for Water-Control 2. Geographical Basis of Water-Control and Economic Regionalization in China 3. A Statistical Study of the Historical Development and Geographical Distribution of Water-Control Activities 4. Origin of Water-Control as an Economic Function of the Chinese State 5. The Loess Region and Central Huang Ho Basin as Key Economic Area 6. The Transition from the Huang Ho Basin to the Yangtze Valley 7. The Economic Domination of the Yangtze Valley


Ch'ao-Ting Chi (1903-1963) was a Chinese economist and political activist. His book Key Economic Areas in Chinese History influenced the conceptualization of Chinese history in the West by emphasizing geographic and economic factors as the basis of dynastic power.




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