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Japan's Cold War Policy Toward China: Two Perceptions of Order

Kanda, Yutaka (Niigata University, Japan)

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Publication date:
30 June 2018

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During the period 1960-1972, particularly in East Asia, Cold War international politics saw significant change from a bipolar structure, centring on the United States and Soviet Union, to a more complicated situation. After the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, Washington and Moscow accelerated the detente process, leading China to perceive a collusion of the two superpowers. Publically attacking its former ally while continuing to fight against the US, China rose as a symbol of multipolarization in international politics during the 1960s. Focusing on Japan's policy towards China, Kanda examines what sort of perceptions of the international order Japanese leaders had and how they reacted to this changing international environment. This books expands beyond the traditional Euro-centric view of the Cold War, emphasizing the significant role Japan played in Asia. It also provides insight into the foreign policy patterns of post-World War 2 Japanese diplomacy particularly in relation to China and the Soviet Union. It's historical is based on thorough analysis of archival records from Japan, China, Taiwan, the US, the UK, Australia and the UN, as well as published diplomatic documents from France and Germany, and personal papers, diaries and memoirs of those involved.

Table of contents: 

1. Introduction 2. Resisting the Isolation of China: China Policy in the Ikeda Administration, 960-1964 3. Hesitantly Following the Trend of US-Soviet Detente: China Policy During the First Half of the Sato Administration, 1964-1968 4. The US-China Rapprochement and Japan's Choice: The Sato and Tanaka Administrations and the Sino-Japanese Normalization of Diplomatic Relations, 1969-1972 5. Conclusion: The Global Cold War and Asian Regional Order


Yutaka Kanda is Associate Professor in the faculty of Law at Niigata University, Japan




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