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Japanese Language Dissemination Policies in Colonial Korea

Kumatani, Akiyasu (Kansai University, Japan)

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30 September 2018

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This book discusses the language policies in Korea under the control of Japan's imperialism. In particular, during the Pacific war period of 1937-1945, the Government-General of Korea implemented policies to impose the use of the Japanese language with nationalist and imperialist motivations. This book introduces and comprehensively studies administrative documents and articles reposited in the National Archives of Korea and published as Chosen Sotokufu no kokugo seisaku shiryo or 'Documents of national language policies by the Government-General of Korea' in 2004. Japanese Language Dissemination Policies in Colonial Korea contributes to the growing attention towards historical perceptions over Japan's colonial administration of Korea and its discussion will be significant in the comparative research of colonial language policies all around the world.

Table of contents: 

1. Preface 2. Historical Changes of Japanese Language Education Policies by the Government-General of Korea 3. Changes of the Literacy Rate and Bilingual Language Use Among the Koreans 4. Reinforcement of the 'Compulsory Use of Japanese Policy' under the 'National Polity', 'Unity of Japan and Korea' and 'Imperial Subjects' Policies 5. Promotion of the 'Full Japanese Literacy Rate' and 'Compulsory Use of Japanese' Policies Following the Cabinet Decision (in May 1942) to Introduce a Draft System in Korea 6. 'One Japanese Word a Day (Ichi-Nichi Ichi-Go) Movement 7. Prohibition of the Korean Language and Enforcement of the 'Compulsory Use of Japanese' Policy 8. The 'Compulsory Use of Japanese' Policy with Reward and Punishment 9. Promotion of Mixed Language Use with Japanese Vocabulary 10. Korean Language Society Incident (1942) and Following Oppression on Standardization and Enlightenment of the Korean Language 11. Changes in the Japanese Section of 'Daily News (Mae-il Shinbo)' the Official Publication by the Government-General of Korea (Korean Edition) 12. Repulsion from the Korean People toward the 'Total Japanese Literacy Rate' and 'Compulsory Use of Japanese' Movements 13. Changes of the Korean Language Caused by Interference from the Japanese Language and Nationalist Response from the Koreans 14. Language Situation and Language Policies in South Korea After the Liberation in 1945


Akiyasu Kumatani is Professor at the Faculty of Foreign Language Studies in Kansai University, Japan.



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