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International Governance and the Rule of Law in China under the Belt and Road Initiative

Zhao, Yun (The University of Hong Kong)

978 1 108 35212 3
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5 October 2018

Short description: 

Evaluates the challenges and changes that the Belt and Road Initiative brings to China in international law and governance.

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The edited volume aims at examining China's role in the field of international governance and the rule of law under the Belt and Road Initiative from a holistic manner. It seeks alternative analytical frameworks that not only take into account legal ideologies and legal ideals, but also local demand, socio-political circumstances, to explain and understand China's legal interactions with countries along the Road, so that more useful insights can be produced in predicting and analysing China's as well as other emerging Asian countries' legal future. Authors from Germany, Korea, Singapore, Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong have contributed to this edited volume, which produces academic dialogues and conducts intellectual exchanges in specific sub-themes.

Table of contents: 

Introduction; Part I. Convergence of International Rules: 1. The Belt and Road Initiative and international law: an international public goods perspective Jingxia Shi; 2. Performative uses of sovereignty in the Belt and Road Initiative Samuli Seppanen; Part II. Development of Substantive International Rules and China's Contribution: 3. The Belt and Road Initiative under existing trade agreements: some food for thought on a new regional integration scheme Jaemin Lee; 4. Anti-monopoly law in China: administrative and private enforcement and the Belt and Road Initiative from an anti-monopoly law perspective Sarah Wersborg; 5. The Belt and Road Initiative: cooperation in trade liberalization and antitrust enforcement Kelvin Hiu Fai Kwok; 6. The Belt and Road Initiative, expropriation, and investor protection under BITs Wei Shen; 7. ASEAN financial integration and the Belt and Road Initiative: legal challenges and opportunities for China in Southeast Asia Christopher Chen; 8. Prognostic view of the applicable law for AIIB loan agreements Yue Peng; 9. The role of environmental impact assessment in the governance of Nu-Salween River: a comparative study of the Chinese and Myanmar approaches Yongmin Bian; 10. Role of regional space cooperation in procuring space security in the Asia-Pacific region: prospects for the future Yun Zhao; Part III. Development of International Dispute Resolution under the Belt and Road Initiative: 11. Regional dispute resolution: an international civil dispute resolution model for East Asia Yuhong Chai; 12. Enforcement of arbitral awards in Asia under the Belt and Road Initiative: implications for international governance and the Chinese rule of law Weixia Gu; 13. Establishment of an international trade dispute settlement mechanism under the 'Belt and Road Initiative' Shengli Jiang.


Yun Zhao is Professor and Head of Department of Law at The University of Hong Kong; Ph.D. (Erasmus University Rotterdam); L.L.M (Leiden University); L.L.M and L.L.B (China University of Political Science and Law). Professor Zhao is also Chen An Chair Professor in International Law at Xiamen University (2015), Siyuan Scholar Chair Professor at Shanghai University of Foreign Trade (2012 4). He is listed as arbitrator in several international arbitration commissions.




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