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Institutional Change And Rural Industrialization In China: The Putting-out System In Handicraft Industry In Late Qing And Early Republic Period

Zhou, Feizhou (Peking Univ, China)

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30 October 2018

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This book explores the development of the putting-out system in hand-woven textile industries in late Qing Dynasty and China's Republican Period. In classic sociology theory, the putting-out system in handcraft production was regarded as traditional and inefficient. In the context of Republican China, it was believed that this kind of household-based production system would have totally failed in competition with the factory system of machinery production. However, this book exhibits the historical fact that the putting-out system was booming in handcraft textile production and subsequently provides an explanation to this phenomenon from the perspectives of institutional analysis and quantitative modeling. With rich county-level data and comprehensive analysis, this book is valuable for both researchers, academics and students in economics and social history studies.

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Introduction: The Smithian Growth or Involution Growth?; Handicraft Industry and Institutional Change: Literature Review; Proto-industrialization in Industrial Era: A historical study about cotton textile industry in North China; Involution and Industrialization - Investigation of Cotton Textile Industry in the South of Yangtze River; Analysis on the Institutional Change and the Number of Rural Industrialization; Putting-out System and the Prosperity of Rural Homespun Industry; Conclusion: Commercialization, Institutional Change and Rural Industrialization.




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