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Indonesian Law

Lindsey, Tim (Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor and Malcolm Smith Professor of Asian Law, University of Melbourne)
Butt, Simon (Professor of Indonesian Law, University of Sydney Law School)

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Publication date:
23 August 2018

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This book offers the first comprehensive survey in English of the Indonesian legal system. It includes clear and concise introductions to complex substantive Indonesian law and commentaries on issues that will interest both academics and practitioners.


Tim Lindsey is the Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor, the Malcolm Smith Professor of Asian Law, and director of the Centre for Islamic Law and Society at the University of Melbourne's law school, and a visiting professor at universities in Indonesia and Malaysia. He has previously been an Australian Research Council Federation fellow and director of the Asian Law Centre at Melbourne Law School. Tim completed his doctoral thesis in Indonesian studies and researches and teaches in Indonesian. He is a founder and editor of The Australian Journal of Asian Law and has produced more 100 than publications, mostly on Indonesian law, including Indonesia: Law and Society (Federation Press, 2008), Islam, Law and the State in Southeast Asia (three volumes, I.B. Tauris 2012) and Religion, Law and Intolerance in Indonesia (Routledge, 2012, with Helen Pausacker). Simon Butt is Professor of Indonesian Law and Associate Director of the Centre for Asian and Pacific Law at the University of Sydney, where he teaches and researches Indonesian law. He has held an Australian Research Council Postdoctoral Research Fellowship and currently holds an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship. He completed his doctoral thesis on Indonesia's Constitutional Court, and researches and teaches in Indonesian. He has written widely on aspects of Indonesian law, including The Constitutional Court and Democracy (Brill, 2015), Corruption and Law in Indonesia (Routledge, 2012), and The Constitution of Indonesia: a Contextual Analysis (Hart, 2012, co-authored with Tim Lindsey).




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