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India and Pakistan: Neighbours at Odds

Bhasin, Avtar

978 93 86826 21 3
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30 June 2018

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The book is based on archival material accessed for the first time from the Nehru Papers and the archives of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. It provides readers with a new perspective on a great many significant issues of the sub-continent's India-Pakistan discourse. The Partition was an opportunity for the two nations to go their own ways and build egalitarian societies, complementing each other. Unfortunately, unable to transcend old animosities, Pakistan added new ones to construct the bogey of Indian hegemony. This was diametrically opposed to India's determination to steer clear of the past and pursue a positive policy towards Pakistan, since it shared centuries of historical, economic, social and cultural ties with its people. For India, the separation was like a family dividing its assets by mutual agreement of its members and living peacefully thereafter. For Pakistan, however, the separation was akin to a permanent breakup of a family, which was accompanied by the nursing of grievances and the harbouring of adversarial feelings. It is this mental make-up dictating the Indo-Pakistan narrative in the years following the Partition, which the book succinctly captures.


Avtar Singh Bhasin, born in 1935, holds a Masters in history and enjoyed a short stint with the National Archives of India and the Ministry of Defence, Government of India, before joining the Ministry of External Affairs in 1963. Here he served for the next three decades, retiring as Director (Historical Division) in 1993. During his tenure in the Ministry, he served in Indian missions abroad and travelled abroad extensively in the performance of his official duties. He took to academic research after retirement. Avtar was Senior Fellow at the Indian Council of Historical Research from 1994 to 1996, and Honorary Fellow at the Institute of Contemporary Studies at the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library from 1996 to 2000. As part of his research, he produced five volumes each of documentary studies on India's relations with Sri Lanka in 2001, Bangladesh in 2003, and Nepal in 2005. Avtar also produced a ten-volume study on India-Pakistan Relations in 2012. Another study in the same genre, India - ASEAN; Peace and Prosperity , was published for the Ministry of External Affairs for the Summit Conference of the ASEAN Heads of Government/ State held in New Delhi. His latest study, also in five volumes, India-China Relations - 1947-2000 , was published in January 2018. He edited and published an annual series, India's Foreign Relations , from 2002 to 2013 for the Ministry of External Affairs. He has also authored two other books, Some Called It Partition, Some Freedom, and, India in Sri Lanka: Between Lion and the Tigers. The second book was separately published in both India and Sri Lanka.




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