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To Hell and Back: The Last Train from Hiroshima

Pellegrino, Charles

978 1 5381 2178 8
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Publication date:
1 February 2019

Full description: 

To Hell and Back offers readers a stunning, you are there time capsule, wrapped in elegant prose. Charles Pellegrino's scientific authority and close relationship with the A-bomb survivors make his account the most gripping and authoritative ever written. Also available from compatible vendors is an enhanced e-book version containing never-before-seen video clips of the survivors, their descendants, and the cities as they are today.

Table of contents: 

Preface Foreword Chapter 1: The Killing Star Chapter 2: Gojira's Egg Chapter 3: Setsuko Chapter 4: And the Rest Were Neutrinos Chapter 5: The Crazy Iris Chapter 6: Kaiten and the Faithful Elephants Chapter 7: A Vapor in the Heavens Chapter 8: Threads Chapter 9: Testament Chapter 10: Legacy: To Fold a Thousand Paper Cranes Acknowledgments Notes Index About the Author


Charles Pellegrino is the author of twenty books, including the New York Times bestseller Her Name, Titanic and Ghosts of the Titanic, which James Cameron used as sources for his movie Titanic and his Imax film Ghosts of the Abyss. Pellegrino has contributed articles to many scientific journals based on his work in paleobiology, nuclear propulsion systems for space exploration, and forensic archaeology at sites ranging from Pompeii and the Titanic to the World Trade Center. He served as a scientific consultant on James Cameron's Titanic expeditions and his film Avatar. He is best known as the scientist whose dinosaur biomorph recipe became the scientific basis for the Jurassic Park series. He lives in New York City.




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