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Good Governance in China - A Way Towards Social Harmony: Case Studies by China's Rising Leaders

Mengkui, Wang (China Development Research Foundation, Beijing, China)

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Publication date:
5 September 2018

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Good governance is necessary for effective public administration and delivery of public goods and services. This is an important issue for all countries, but in particular for rapidly developing countries such as China where reform of governance and public administration is a key element of the public policy agenda. This book explores the key issues in governance and public administration facing China's policy-makers today. Edited by Wang Mengkui, the former President of the Development Research Center of the State Council, and Chairman of the China Development Research Foundation - one of China's leading think-tanks - it contains 36 papers selected from nearly 300 case studies presented by participants in the China's Leaders in Development Executive Program. The authors are outstanding and experienced officials, and together represent the voice of China's new rising generation of leaders, policy-makers and officials. The cases are based on first-hand information and experiences either from the officials' personal involvement, or their own in-depth investigations. The chapters cover a wide range of issue areas, such as institutional reform, urban construction, social governance, crisis management, resource and ecological environmental management, education and public health, and economic reform and development. Taken together, it provides an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to understand China's own thinking on its governance and public administration.

Table of contents: 

Part 1: Reform of the Government Administration System 1. Why Private Coffers are Rampant Sun Baohou 2. An Experiment of Radical and Holistic Change Gao Zhili 3. A Case of Construction of the Governmental Information Network in Jiangxi Li Chun-yan 4. A Study of How to Improve the System of Civil Servant Performance Evaluation Zhai Tianshan 5. Controversy Arising from the Experiment on Expanding the Powers of the Town and Township Governments in Shaoxing County Huang Xuming Part 2: Urban Construction and Social Administration 6. New Stories of Old Shantytowns Sun Guoxiang 7. The Heating Charges of `Ice City' Piao Yi 8. Internet Cafes: What Else Can Be Done in Addition to Rectification? Wang Xueqin 9. The Road to Community Correction Zhang Sujun Part 3: Crisis Management and Group Incidents 10. Twenty-six Days and Nights for the Pollution of Tuojiang River Liu GuoQiang 11. Emergency Response in the City Management Wu Shixiong 12. Analysis of the Efficiency of Government Participation in Restructuring High-risk Listed Companies Wang Huimin 13. Settlement of the Taxi Drivers' Strike Fang Li 14. Pension Insurance Demands of the Former Town and Township Temporary Personnel Zhong Mian 15. How Was a Collective Complaint Arising from Land Acquisition Solved? Chen Qingliang Part 4: Resources and Ecological Environment 16. Analysis of the Ban on Crop Stubble Burning Yang Shuping 17. Should Government-Supported Projects causing Pollution be Permitted if Civilians are not Allowed to be Involved in those Projects? Chen Zhongbo 18. How Ground Subsidence Was Solved in Southern Jiangsu Province Zhang Lei 19. On Selecting a Location For the Nanxi River Water Conservancy Project Zhang Miaogen 20. Sixiao Highway: From Difficulty to Success Zhao Jin Part 5: Education and Public Health 21. Event of `Immigrants for NCEE' Xu Jun 22. College Graduates `Go to Mountains and Villages -- Idealistic or Realistic? Lu Gang 23. An Analysis and Practice of Financial Assistance to Poor Students in Higher Education Institutions Wang Chunqiu 24. The Dilemma of Government Student Loans Kang Ning 25. Franchise Rights and the Interested Parties Yu Xinrong 26. Where is the Way Out for the Farmers' Problem of Seeing a Doctor? Dong Yongan 27. Experiment on a New Rural Cooperative Medical System in Ezhou City in Hubei Province Xu Songnan 28. Thoughts on the Wheat Flour Issue Zhang Jianjin 29. How Can a Good Thing Be Well Done? Chang Xiaochun 30. The Trust Crisis Caused by `Coconut Face-changing' Zeng Yu Part 6: Economic Reform and Development 31. The Hardship, Pain and Happiness of Reform Chen Youan 32. How to Take Advantage of Resources Bu Xiaolin 33. Entrance Test' for a New Official Zhang Xiaolian 34. The Green Bank That Supports Farmers Chen Weimin 35. The Dispute over Taxi Managerial Rights Wu Zhenglong 36. Storm at Huigao Company Li Lecheng


Wang Mengkui is former President of the Development Research Center of the State Council, and is currently Chairman of the China Development Research Foundation.




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