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Globalization, Culture and Society in Laos

Rehbein, Boike

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Publication date:
12 August 2007

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Incorporating original fieldwork carried out over a period of more than ten years, combined with innovative theoretical argument, Globalization, Culture and Society in Laos presents one of the first sociological investigations into modern Laos. Boike Rehbein gives a fascinating overview of contemporary Lao culture and society, whilst linking local and national phenomena to tendencies of globalization and the history of the region.

The book introduces a new theoretical approach based on the sociology of Pierre Bourdieu, applying this sociology to the interpretation of Lao history. It also examines various aspects of Lao culture and society, including economics, politics, language, higher education, music, and religion. Rehbein concludes by attempting to synthesize these cultural elements with the impact of globalization to give a synopsis of contemporary Lao society.

Written by an expert in Lao history and culture, familiar with the language and the people, this book will be of huge interest to students and scholars of Laos, Southeast Asia, social theory and globalization

Table of contents: 

Introduction 1. Sociocultures 2. The Evolution of Lao Sociocultures 3. The Economic Field 4. Economic Habitus 5. Identity Politics 6. Globalization and Lao Language 7. The Academic Field 8. A Globalized Music Scene 9. Village Beliefs 10. Configurations of Globalization in Laos


Boike Rehbein is Professor of Sociology and Head of the Global Studies Programme at the University of Freiburg.




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