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Global Asian City: Migration, Desire and the Politics of Encounter in 21st Century Seoul

Collins, Francis Leo

978 1 119 37998 0
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Publication date:
29 June 2018

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Global Asian City develops a novel approach to exploring the relationship between migration and cities centered on the idea of desire as a social force that drives migration.

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Global Asian City provides a unique theoretical framework for studying the growth of cities and migration focused on the notion of desire as a major driver of international migration to Asian cities. * Draws on more than 120 interviews of emigrants to Seoul including migrant workers from Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, English teachers from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, UK and USA, and international students at two elite Korean universities * Features a comparative account of different migrant populations and the ways in which national migration systems and urban processes create differences between these groups * Focuses on the causes of international migrant to Seoul, South Korea, and reveals how migration has transformed the city and nation, especially in the last two decades


Francis L. Collins, PhD is a Senior Lecturer in Geography at the University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand. His research focuses on international migration and cities with a particular emphasis on the experiences, mobility patterns, and government regulation of temporary migrants in urban contexts. He is author of numerous articles in a range of international journals and is a co-editor of Migration and Diversity in Asian Contexts.




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