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Finance in Rural China

Feng, Xingyuan (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China)
Ljungwall, Christer (Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis, China)
He, Guangwen (China Agricultural University of Economics and Management, China)

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Publication date:
30 October 2018

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Finance in Rural China provides insight into scholarly debates and perspectives on formal and informal finance in rural China, which have been underrepresented in the literature. The book covers the subject in two parts: an overview on the overall development of rural finance in China and the necessity of going a path toward rural financial pluralization by introducing a Local Knowledge Paradigm while Part II analyzes rural formal and informal financial development in China in various dimensions. The book aids the understanding of the structure of the rural financial system and the operation of rural financial service providers in China.

Table of contents: 

Part I: Introduction 1. Toward a Competitive Rural Financial Market in China: A Local Knowledge Paradigm Part II: Formal and Semi-formal Finance in Rural China: Demand Side Analysis 2. Demand of Financial Services and Distribution of Financial Institutions in Traditional Agricultural Areas of China 3. Rural Small and Medium Enterprises' Financing in Cangnan County of Zhejiang Province 4. An Analysis of Microfinance Demand in China Part III: Formal and Informal Finance in Rural China: Supply Side Analysis 5. Rural Financial Reform: Achievements of the Past 30 Years and the Future 6. System Transformation of RCCs: Dilemmas and Path Selection 7. Innovations in the Formal Financial Sectors of Rural China 8. Measures of Supporting the Improvement of the Market Access of Rural Financial Institutions 9. Operational Features and Institutional Innovation of Micro-credit Lending Institutions: Lending without Taking Deposit 10. The Path to the Sustainability of the Mutual Funds in Poverty Villages of China 11. The Overall Development of Informal Finance in Rural China 12. Estimation on the Aggregate of China's Rural Informal Finance 13. Case Studies on Informal Finance in Rural China 14. Featuring Informal Finance and Implications for the Reform of the Formal Financial Institutions 15. Standardization of Rural Informal Lending Practices in China


Xingyuan Feng is Professor of Rural Development Institute, Professor of Graduate School, and Deputy Secretary-General of the Center of Small and Medium Scale Banking Institutions of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. He is also Vice President of the Cathay Institute for Public Affairs. He received his PhD in economics from University of Witten/Herdecke, Germany. Xingyuan's main research fields include the Australian School of Economics, Freiburg School, Public Choice, constitutional economics, new institutional economics, evolutionary economics, private sector development, government finance, banking and finance, SME finance, rural finance, as well as local and rural governance. Guangwen He is Professor and Chair of the Department of Finance and Director of Center for Rural Finance & Microfinance Research at China Agricultural University. He focuses on rural finance, cooperative finance, microfinance & inclusive finance, financial demand & supply of farm households & MSEs and institutional & business innovation of small & medium financial institutions. Guangwen has been very active in field surveys. He was Visiting Professor at Duisburg University, Germany and Visiting Researcher at Norinchukin Bank Research Institute, Japan. He had also provided his expertise in microfinance and rural finance projects of World Bank, ADB, IFAD, KFW and etc. in China. Christer Ljungwall lives in Beijing and works for the Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis, as Science & Innovation Counsellor, Head of Office of Science and Innovation of the Swedish Embassy. He is also Associate Professor in Economics at Department of International Economics and Management, Copenhagen Business School. His areas of research interest are related to China's economy, e.g., innovation and economic growth, institutional economics, regional development, private sector development, government finance, central-local government relations, and rural finance. He had held positions over years as Senior Economist with the Asian Development Bank in Mongolia in 2009-10, and Visiting Research Fellow China Center for Economic Research, Peking University in 2004-09. He has published more than 30 academic articles in English, 150+ reports, authored and contributed to 5 books. He received his PhD in Economics from Gothenburg University in 2003.




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