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Filipinas Everywhere: Essays in Criticism & Cultural Studies from a Filipino Perspective

Juan Jr, E San

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Publication date:
23 February 2017

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In this epoch of disastrous neoliberal globalisation, E San Juans critique seizes the crisis in neo-colonial Philippines as a point of intervention. As current Philippine President Dutertes timely war on drugs and corruption rages, San Juan foregrounds the facticity that Filipinos are once more confronted with the barbaric legacy of U.S. domination, legitimised today as civilising humanitarianism. This wide-ranging discourse by a Filipino radical scholar interrogates the apologetic use of postcolonial dogmas, Saussurean semiology versus Peircean semiotics, Kafkas allegory on torture, Edward Saids use of Gramsci, and the post-conceptual view of photography. The author also diagnoses the symptoms of nihilistic neoliberal ideology found in media discourses on diaspora, terrorism, and globalisation. His critique of academic postcolonial studies sums up the arguments elaborated in his previous books, Beyond Postcolonial Theory (St Martins Press), After Post-Colonialism (Rowman & Littlefield), and especially US Imperialism and Revolution in the Philippines (Palgrave Macmillan). Overall, San Juan seeks to deploy a historical-materialist perspective in elucidating the dialectical interplay of contradictory forces symbolised in art and diverse cultural texts. In the process, he delineates the contexts of events and encounters generating revolutionary transformations in this transitional Asian-Pacific islands that, with its subjugation in the Filipino-American War of 1899-1913, marked the fateful advent of U.S. imperial hegemony on the planet.


E. San Juan, Jr. is emeritus professor of Ethnic Studies, English, and Comparative Literature in several universities in the United States, and manages the Philippines Cultural Studies Center in Washington D.C. He was a Fellow of the W. E. B. Du Bois Institute, Harvard University; the Harry Ransom Humanities Center, University of Texas; the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, University of Edinburgh; and the Rockefeller Foundation Study Center, Bellagio, Italy. He also served as Fulbright Professor of American Studies at the University of Leuven, Belgium.




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