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Feminising Islam in Contemporary Indonesia: The Role of Progressive Women's Organisations

Hidayah, Nur

978 1 138 85203 7
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Publication date:
30 April 2017

Full description: 

This book addresses the question of how progressive Muslim women's organisations have contributed to the reformation of Islamic law on gender and promoted women's rights in contemporary Indonesia. It discusses both legal scholarship and thinking, and also activism and the implementation of ideas. It traces how views on this issue and government policies have evolved from the Dutch colonial period, examines how far women's organisations are fragmented and local, and explores conservative Islam and its promotion of patriarchal relations between men and women. The book shows how progressives have both feminised Islam in Indonesia, and adapted it to local Indonesian conditions; and assesses why progressive Islamic feminism has been only partially successful, as conservative Islam remains very strong.

Table of contents: 

1. Introduction 2. Women in Islamic Law 3. Muslim Women's Discourse and Activism in Indonesia: A Historical Overview 4. The Emergence of Islamic Feminist Legal Thought: The Case of Fiqh Nisa Program of P3M 5. The Development of Indonesian Islamic Feminism: Legal Thought and Actvism of Rahima 6. Progressive Muslims in the Reform Era: Strategies and Struggles of Islamic Law Reform on Gender 7. Conclusion


Nur Hidayah is a Lecturer in the Faculty of Islamic Law and Economics at Banten State Institute for Islamic Studies, Indonesia




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