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Ethnicity and Democracy in the Eastern Himalayan Borderland: Constructing Democracy

Chettri, Mona

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2 January 2017

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This book presents a close look at the growth, success, and proliferation of ethnic politics on the peripheries of modern South Asia, built around a case study of the Nepal ethnic group that lives in the borderlands of Sikkim, Darjeeling, and east Nepal.

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Ethnic Politics, Democracy, Cultural Revivalism, Borderlands, Eastern Himalaya

Table of contents: 

Introduction: Ethnic Identity and Politics in the Eastern Himalaya[-]Why Study the Eastern Himalayan Borderland?[-]Studying the Eastern Himalayan Borderland[-]Facilitating Ethnic Politics[-][-]1. Locating the Nepali in the Eastern Himalaya[-]Becoming Nepali: Colonial History and Ethnic Group Formation[-]Going to Muglan: Emigration from the Kingdom of Gorkha to India[-]Language and Ethnic Group Formation[-]Homogenization of the Nepalis and its Impact on Identity Formation[-][-]1.1 Identifying the Nepalis of the Eastern Himalaya[-]Gorkhaland: Homeland for the Indian-Nepalis[-]Deconstructing the Nepalis in Sikkim[-]Re-Claiming Limbuwan[-][-]2. The Ethnic Worldview: Framing Existential Grievances[-]Limbus of Eastern Nepal and the Politics of 'Jati and Nose'[-]Discriminating Against the Sons of the Soil: The Gorkhas of Darjeeling[-]Fostering Culture of Dependency in Sikkim[-][-]3. Ethnic Identity as Political Identity[-]The Political Resilience of the Brave Gorkha[-]Neither Mongol nor Kirat: Asserting the Limbu Identity[-]Claiming Exclusive Identities in Sikkim[-][-]4. Manifestations of Ethnic Politics[-]The Dress Code: Looking Like a Gorkha[-]Becoming a Tribe in Sikkim[-]Limbus as the Embodiment of the Indigenous Discourse[-][-]5. Constructing Democracy[-]Emergence of a New Patronage Structure[-]The New Elites[-]Expressing Agency Through Ethnic Politics[-]Regional Interpretation of Democracy[-][-]6. Being Nepali Across Borders[-] Of Ethnic Politics and democratic Cultures[-] Ethnic Politics as People's Politics [-][-]

Biography: target= _blank >Dr. Mona Chettri received her doctoral degree from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London in 2014. Her Ph.D dissertation focused on ethnic politics in the eastern Himalaya. She is currently working as an independent researcher on historical displacement in the Assam-Meghalaya borderland, India.



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