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English Tertiary Education in Vietnam: Foreign language policy and nation building

Albright, James (The University of Newcastle, Australia)

978 0 415 79197 7
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Publication date:
1 October 2018

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As part of a long series of Vietnam's policy objectives, English education has been identified as key to improving the quality of its rapidly expanding tertiary institutions and is crucial to the larger aim of modernising and internationalising its economy. This book documents the significant progress and challenges in the realisation of Vietnam`s English language policies as they are enacted in the higher education sector. Changes to Vietnam's Higher Educations system remain unstable, unsystematic, and insubstantial. The book provides a look into how recent Vietnamese government policy is providing for substantial and comprehensive renewal of Vietnam's tertiary education as part of their 2020 Plan. The book brings together a wide range of mainly Vietnamese and some foreign English education scholars and tertiary educational practitioners. Academics and students of English Education, language policy, and nation building within the context of increased globalisation and marketisation in developing nations and Vietnam, in particular, should find this book valuable.

Table of contents: 

1. Vietnamese Foreign Language Policy in Higher Education: a Barometer to Social Changes (Thi Lan Huong Lam and James Albright)2. Globalisation and Vietnamese Foreign Language Education (Thi Thuy Le)3. Nation Building and Educational Policy (Phuong Anh Vu)4. Current Challenges in the Teaching of Tertiary English in Vietnam (Thi Thu Hang Trong and Thrinh Thi Thu Hien)5. Tertiary English Education Planning in Vietnam (Thuy Bui and Thi Thom Thom Nguyen)6. Textbook as representations of culture in English textbooks in Vietnamese Higher Education (Trinh Thi Thu Hien)7. General English for Non-majors in Higher Education (Thi Loan Lam)8. Oral assessment of English as a foreign language (EFL) in tertiary education in Vietnam (Nam Lam)9. Student perspectives on the use of English medium instruction in Vietnamese universities (Thi Thuy Nhung Le)10. Rural Students Motivation for Learning English as they Transition to Tertiary Education (Cuong Pham and Cynthia White)11. Vietnamese university students Motivation to learn English (Cong Bang Truong)12. Vietnamese University EFL Lecturers' attitudes Towards Learner Autonomy (Nhung Bui) 13. Higher Education Massification and Vietnamese EFL teacher training at universities (Pham Thi Thanh Thuy and Dr Mai Thi Quynh Lan)


James Albright is Professor of Education at the University of Newcastle, Australia.




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