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Endangered Languages of the Caucasus and Beyond

Gurkan Dogan, and Ramazan Korkmaz

978 90 04 32564 7
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30 September 2016

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Endangered Languages of Caucasus and Beyond offers the readers a diversity of articles by 20 prominent scholars who address the problems related to the endangered languages in Anatolia, Ukraine, China, Mongolia, Daghestan, Ossetia and in the Greater Himalayan region.

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According to UNESCO, it is believed that at least half of the nearly 7,000 languages spoken around the world will cease to be used within the next 100 years. If this issue is neglected, people will lose not only their cultural heritage but also invaluable understandings about the history of all humankind. Endangered Languages of Caucasus and Beyond includes the manuscripts of 20 papers that were presented at the 1st International CUA Conference on Endangered Languages, organized by the Caucasus University Association (CUA), at Ardahan, Turkey, on 13-16 October 2014. The articles address issues such as the state of the field of documentation, conservation and revitalization of endangered languages with special reference to the endangered languages in the Caucasus region and beyond.


Contributors are: Gregory D.S. Anderson, Ekrem Arikoglu, Johhny Cheung, Bernard Comrie,Iryna M. Dryga, Diana Forker, Victor A. Friedman, George Hewitt, Madzhid Khalilov,Zaynab Alieva, Yong-Song Li, Nicholas Ostler, Mehmet Olmez, A. Sumru Ozsoy, Elisabetta Ragagnin, Wolfgang Schulze, Eser Erguvanli Taylan, Kevin Tuite, Karina Vamling, George van Driem, Alexander Vovin.


Prof. Dr. Ramazan Korkmaz, Ph.D. (1991), Ardahan University, is Professor of Turkish Language and Literature at that university. He has extensive knowledge, skills and experience in the fields of Turkish, Caucasus and Central Asian Turkish literatures, languages and folk lives. He has published many articles and books on different aspects of Modern Turkish language and literature, including The Shortest Story as a New Genre in Turkish Literature (Grafiker Publications, 2011).

Prof. Dr. Gurkan Dogan, Ph.D.(1992), Ardahan University, is Professor of Linguistics at that university. He has published many articles on the pragmatic aspects of literary language and collected most of them in Utterance Interpretation Processes (Kesit Publications, 2015). He also published four books of poetry, including Veranda (Gelisim Sanat Publications, 2015)..



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